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  • Neon cam sensor

    Is there any real fix to this issue?
    I've done two already to our 2005 and others I've heard are into 6-10 on late Neons.
    I went and got the lifetime warranty part, but this doesn't help towing a car home because it went into limp mode.
    It's $27 and 15minutes of work, 14.5 of which is trying to get you hands near this part however it doesn't give you any warning then your boned alongside the freeway. Seems Mopar should step up with this issue.

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    In what way is it failing? I am not familiar with how they are mounted, etc.
    How many miles are you getting out of them? Is your Neon a special case? I had a friend with a 2001 Neon and while it went through an engine at 80,000 mi, he never mentioned it eating cam sensors.
    Hopefully you find a more permanent fix. I hope you have AAA.
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      Code P0344. They're solid state, so not sure why they fail. No moving parts or anything. It's probably a magnetic pickup or something. 4 bolts against the driver side of the block and a single (3 or 4 prong) plug. It has a O ring that prevents oil from seeping and some people have a problem with an oil leak. Mine are perfect when they come off with zero evidence of any leaks. I mention the leaks, because if oil gets into the plug some people have had intermittent signal loss.
      If it was out in the open this would take a few minutes to change, but there are some hard and soft lines as well as a wiring harness that block it's easy access.
      First (factory) sensor the light came on as we started it, so didn't have to go through the limp mode. This one left my daughter stranded alongside the freeway.

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      oh probably 3 years between this one and the last, yeah along time but there's been like only 6K miles on it since it was changed.
      When I read about this problem on the web, people mention they change these things like every 6 months. For a simple non moving part that seems like alot.


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        i would ck the plug terminals ,they tend to get spread apart internally,i have also had an intermittent crank sensor set p0344,dodge sells a new plug for the cam sensor
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          I changed the sensor and everything is fine. The plug is in beautiful shape.
          I'm just wondering if there is a heat issue with these things.


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            Originally posted by Castle50 View Post
            I changed the sensor and everything is fine. The plug is in beautiful shape.
            I'm just wondering if there is a heat issue with these things.
            so if the plug was loosing connection & you unplug & install the new sensor,now its making contact ,was it the connector,or was it the sensor,are the sensors really bad? i have had the wire break where it is crimped ,looks & pull test good,but it was bad
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              Pretty safe connector as far as they go. Snaps into place and locks with a side pin that prevents it from backing out.
              When it was alongside the road I pushed it back and forth and it didn't make a difference.


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                Are you getting them from the same supplier (Mopar, NAPA, etc)? If so, I'd find another place to get them

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                  Three from three different people. It's a common problem with the part or it's location. I guess you could get lucky and not replace one, but some people have replaced more than one a year.


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                    the magnets are some times not seated flat and hit the sensor. They also can have a poor magnet out right. I change the magnets in them if I have sensor issues. Are you dielectric greasing them? Often this can cause a failure. There is also pulling the wires out of them from mods smacking the harness. My self I've noticed the magnet issue because I am one to add the 2.0 cams to the SRT and 2.4 cams to a 2.0 DOHC NA with auto trans. So you end up screwing with the magnets.