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2000 Caravan P/S Issue

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  • 2000 Caravan P/S Issue

    Looking at a van to replace our totalled 99. Only issue with it is the power steering. Feels like it's not working, but the doesn't make the slightest peep. No drips either

    Drive on the road just fine, just steers hard setting still or barely moving.

    My 95 Concorde is like it, but it has the "touring" steering and is supposed to feel this way.

    Rack or pump?

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    Don't know what to say about that....all the PS late model cars all seemed to be sluggish to me but still felt like it had 'assist' to them. The older cars all had plenty of assist and kept up with my 'hot dogging' but the new cars were slower and I had to work em harder. No more single finger wheeling with the new stuff.....


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      Could be the pump or belt, make sure it isn't slipping. Usually it's not the rack unless it's pouring out fluid. Could also be the pressure relief valve in the pump stuck open..
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        Make sure you check for rotten strut towers on the front end. The driver's side tower is a known trouble spot. They also rust out badly at the rear of the rocker where it meets the wheel well (dog leg area).
        There is also a differential pin issue that takes the transmission out. I don't know if they fixed it in '00 or '01.
        My former van was an '06, so I am not really sure how similar it is to the older van.
        I would think if it is a pump issue that the worst thing would be getting to the pump to change it or service it.
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          Did Mopar ever use a "variable power steering"? My T-Bird has it but the assist decreases as RPM and MPH increases. The little "variable valve" on the pump is known for sometimes sticking, it has done it to me many times on some of the Ferds I've owned. Might try checking into that on the van.
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