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Maverick's Magnum Illusion

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  • Maverick's Magnum Illusion

    Magnum Illusion | MagnumGT

    anyone have more information to add about this?

    Anyone want to collaborate on a MoparWiki page on it?
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    My parents may have some pics that you will be interested in. My dad helped Maverick tune the red wagon and the Illusion in 78 or 79, email me if you are interested


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      I believe my dad has pictures of the magnum illusion


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        Originally posted by hkalwei jr View Post
        I believe my dad has pictures of the magnum illusion
        Welcome to Style!

        Please post pics if you can; there seems to be very little info out there about this car; to be honest with you, I had never heard about it until now, but I am not a big drag racing fan, but even I know "Maverick" Golden.......!
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          not hard to google some.

          meh only 3 in the whole listing.