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  • Oil Pan Removal

    I've got a '77 Cordoba with a 360. Does one have to raise the transmission or the engine at all to remove the oil pan? I haven't started yet....just want to know how much work I'm in for.

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    Yeah, and it is a PITA because of the big seal on the rear of 360s. On a race car -- it almost always takes less time to pull the engine out than to wrestle with it in the car and hope you don't have a leak in the rear. Sometime you get lucky and it falls together right -- most times it doesn't.

    I don't know what the condition of your car is -- but if it is real nice, you might want to consider this as a time to detail under the hood. Takes about 16-20 hours to remove the hood, pull the engine and transmission as a unit, remove the wiring and other under hood components, degrease and wash inner fenders and K-frame, repaint, degrease the engine and paint, stab it back in, clean and re-install the wiring and other under hood stuff, and put the hood back on. Handling the hood is the only part that takes two people -- but two people to pull/replace the engine/transmission makes it easier.

    Under the hood is the most neglected part of a nice looking car -- and often is what keeps an otherwise nice car from being a magazine feature. I know it sounds like straying away from replacing the oil pan -- but oil pans on a 360 in a isolator K-Frame car can be a bitch to do with the motor in the car.

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    We've detailed under the hood of maybe 5-7 cars in the last 5-7 years, and all started as opportunities because of a good reason to pull the engine.
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      Thank-you for the information. I guess I'll have to dig my hoist and engine stand out of the basement.


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        If your car is really nice, you'll probably have some good paint in there waiting to be cleaned up.
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          I agree with the OH
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