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  • battery issues

    ok so not sure where to post this problem so maybe here i alsways have a kick but sound system in all my cars but ran into a problem my system pulls more than what car is putting out now how to fix put a small battery in trunk for amps or where can i get a bigger amp altenator for a rb 440 in my 78 doba please help alan

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    You need a bigger alternator, you may need to upsize the charging lead from the alternator to the battery, and be careful where you connect the "big amp!!"

    You want the amp connected as close to the battery/ alternator as you can get with a BIG protective fuse, and oversized wire. Don't fall into the trap of using the "electrical code" wiring tables, those are for AC at line voltage.


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      How big a battery are you running?
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        You may need a new alternator like the one I got 120 amp and they charge big at idle and up.
        Denso Lightweight Alternator & Bracket Pkg.

        Then you should run #6 or 4 to the battery. Doubled # 10 will do in a pinch! Straight to the positive post mine still used the regulator.

        If you need a lot of power to the kid stuff in the trunk when it comes to wiring bigger is always better.
        Think of it like a water pipe when you require more flow a bigger pipe is needed. Electron flow is the same. But a distance thing comes into it too.
        many people have trouble with the battery in the trunk for as they may use a #1 up to the starter they run # 10 back to the battery from the alternator.
        Bigger alternators should not be run through the bulkhead but to the battery and into the car from there. Extra big draw stuff should be fed from the battery trough a power bar and seperate fusings.
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          thats how ihave it with a 80 amp fuse for gauge to trunk cap then amp standard battery i think i will look today had the bug ie flue for a couple of days getting bettter now thanks


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            battery is a 750 900 iam going to look into bigger altermnator now