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Made yourold Red 300[or Magnum] seats look pretty again

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  • Made yourold Red 300[or Magnum] seats look pretty again

    If you have have red Leather bucket seats like those in an 79 300 they problibly ashow lots of wear [white ]on the edges. To replace them is not cheap but I have found a temporary fix for less than $5.00. Being leather I thought shoes and the thing that makes them look new polish .And with much searching found a match for any one with this colour of interior The idea should work with other colours you just need to find the match. The Brand is WOLY SHOE CREAM It is made in Germany but I got at the local shoe repair shop The col. is campari 144 I can now take the picturesI need for collector plates so I can lic the car It wiil not fix the rips but will make them invisable for a while Good Luck White Charger

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    Let's see!! Let's see!!

    bringin' em back ~ to the Dodge Mahal !!....

    Where old Magnums can find a home.. :angel:


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      Have not been able to master putting photos on this web site White Charger


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        You could post them up to imageshack .com and link to here.
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          i posted pics of the blue inerior and other misc stuff if u need pics of something else or need something thats not listed just ask!
          Have lots of chrome and a nearly complete blue interior out of a 75 charger Buckets console everything.....have a few 100mph speedos looking for red bucket seats for my 79 cordoba


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            The main thing is to hide that white look and the best thing is, it can always be redone, cheap fix.
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