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Correct replacement carpeting?

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  • Correct replacement carpeting?

    Have any of you ordered aftermarket carpeting before?
    Get any worth a damn?

    I bought an "oem replacement floor fitted blah blah" carpet kit from ebay for $150
    what I received in the mail was two rectangular pieces of carpet , and it isnt even shag carpeting, its that flat speakerbox crap they put in new cars.

    Can I get the right carpet?

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    I got mine through Year One and it fit prefect
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      Ya might check these people out....not sure about their products since I've never bought from them.

      Dodge Carpet Replacement Kit


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        Auto Custom Carpet or StockInteriors both have the correct carpets; be sure to order the correct year, since there are some minor differences.

        I haven't bought carpet from SI, but they also sell a replacement dash cap to cover your old or cracked one until you have the $1200 for Just Dashes to build you a new one!


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          I bought the one from auto custom carpet.
          Ill see monday if they will take a return.

          probably wash my old one and use it, maybe dye it.