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Magnum in Germany

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    Yes, interesting combo of options.

    Built for a cold climate. Rear window defog, but no air conditioning.

    It has intermittent wipers....put the slide control int the portion of the control that says DELAY. There's a short range in that area where the lever will slide left to right, controlling the length of the delay. Pushing it further to the right there will be detents for low and high.

    Standard column, no tilt.

    And as Bill indicated, the joystick control next to the radio is for the remote passenger side mirror. Don't be surprised if it doesn't move too much...those cables tend to stretch with time.
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      Great photos, Hemiescort!


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        Here are some pics of the trunk and rear frame rails. The owner said they should be solid.
        What do you think?

        Click image for larger version

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          Click image for larger version

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            It's really very hard to tell from a photo.

            The black undercoating that is on everything, even inside the trunk...that's not original to a vehicle here. That said, when I worked on a GM export program, I know we had to have an "up-fitter" do a lot of work to our vans to be able to sell them in Europe, including adding undercoating to EVERYTHING, as not bare, rusted metal could be visible. So that may be the way it arrived there, or the way it was prepped by the importer. Just not sure of the standards. c1978.

            You're going to have to tap on those surface pretty hard, with the sellers permission, to make sure none of that is weak, in my opinion. Especially where that shackle mounts.

            Same inside. Ideally, there should be NO rust inside. This is a sign moisture got in. Truck seal, or rust-through in the dutchman panel or window channel is a strong possibility. Again, special focus on the area of the floor right about that leaf spring shackle.

            All in all, I've seen worse.

            WPC# 12304 / 1970 Plymouth Duster / 1972 Dodge Charger Rallye / 1977 Chrysler Cordoba



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              Happy New year to all!

              I think I'll buy it next week. The current owner will deliver it for free so I think he won't take it back. That might be a good point to start the final negotiations.
              I will take it on the lift and take a look on the underside to make my decision.

              Where are all the numbers to check if they are matching?
              Especially Engine and Transmission.
              Is there any guide for it? Or is it the same as on early B-body's?


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                The Magnum will be delivered on Wednesday.
                But there is a little Problem: all brakes are locked and no wheel can be turned.
                First thing to do for me is to remove the wheels and the calipers in the front. Maybe I try to massage the rear drums with a hammer

                Can someone tell me what tools I need for doing so?
                All I have are some sockets from 3/16" to 3/4"
                What size is needed for the wheelscrews/lugnuts?
                Do I need some wrenches for the brake calipers or can I do all with the set of sockets?


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                  Congratulations on your purchase!

                  The std. steel lug nuts are 3/4" he caliper to adapter bolts are 9/16".
                  WPC# 12304 / 1970 Plymouth Duster / 1972 Dodge Charger Rallye / 1977 Chrysler Cordoba