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  • Magnum in Germany


    I'm Sebastian from Germany and want to buy a '78 Dodge Magnum. This is it:

    Please excuse me, my english isn't perfect.
    I have some questions as it is my first Mopar:

    Where are the weak spots to look for? Any bad rust and suspension problems?

    Which parts are interchangeable with other B-Bodies?
    I know, the doors are different but are the Fenders and Quarters the same as Charger and Cordoba?

    What are the differences to the '79 Magnum? (Except the rear lights and other motor options)
    Why is the the fuel tank size reduced on '79 models?

    Are the wheels in the offer Magnum wheels? I've never seen a picture of another Magnum with these type of wheels? Or they just standard without the wheel covers? If it's so, then what are these hubcaps that look like the GT hubcaps?
    What is the PCD and how big is the center bore? 5 x 4 1/2" ?

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    Link gives me error
    Not a whole lot of body parts interchange
    Only differences between 78-79 that I've noticed are no 400cid, shifter knob and tail lights
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      Hm, the links works over here.
      Since there are only 2 pictures and not much text, i'll post the images here:

      Magnum 1.jpgMagnum 2.jpg

      Only useful information in the offer is that it was first registered in 08/1978, has new headliner and refurbed seats and will be sold for 5500 . Thats all.
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        Welcome aboard Hemiescort.

        Link is working for me. Weak spots for rust...for a car this age, just about any place is worth looking over for rust. Inspect carefully.

        It looks in the photos like the quarters are rusty. You should also check the bottoms of the doors, and behind the front tires on the front fenders. Look at the "dutchman panel" closely (the panel between the bottom of the back glass and the trunk lid). Water tends to run down the glass, under the chrome trim, and creep under the vinyl top, causing rust. Speaking of the vinyl top, look for blisters and bumps under the vinyl, indicating rust.

        While we are at the rear of the car, let's check inside the trunk. Remove the carpet. While a very light amount of surface rust is not unusual, anything heavy / scaly is a concern. Water leaking in from the trunk seal or through holes in the dutchman panel can rust the trunk floor. As a uni-body vehicle, the trunk floor is the top of the box frame in that area. The rear of the leaf springs also anchor in this area. Decay of the floor can cause the leaf spring to punch through the trunk floor as the body collapses down over them.

        Now lets move up front, under the hood. You want to look at the area where the steel stamping that makes up the cowl is layered and welded over the steel that makes up the fire wall / front of dash. This area can trap water and rust, and you will see that rust blistering through. After inspection, if the owner will allow you to run a hose over the car, and around the windshield, see if you find water dripping inside, from up under the dash.

        Crawl under the car, or even better, get the car on a lift. At the front of the car, we're looking at the K-frame, the steel sub-frame that mounts the engine and suspension. It it attached to the car in four locations by bolts through large rubber bushings. Those bushings rest in a pocket in the K-frame, and the K-frame can rust in those spots.

        Also specific to these cars, under the car in the back, we are again inspecting that trunk floor, and carefully observing the pocket of frame rails where the rear of the leaf spring mounts. This is the area that will rust away and put the leaf spring though the floor of the trunk.

        Other than these trouble spots, you are just plain looking everywhere, just like you would with any old car.
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          Thank you for this very detailed answer!


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            You are welcome. I hope it helps.

            While it would be obvious, and you would likely find it as part of any general inspection, the "tails" either side of the rear license plate on the trunk lid are also a classic place to find rust on these cars. Given the condition of those quarters, I would not be surprised to find rust there. It "may" have been filled or repaired before, as there don't seem to be an emblems on the trunk lid, as if it has been painted before.
            WPC# 12304 / 1970 Plymouth Duster / 1972 Dodge Charger Rallye / 1977 Chrysler Cordoba