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  • wiper issues

    haven't seen anything on late B wiper issues in a while, I did go back 4 pages and was back several years of posts on the forum in Late-B's so I figure what may be further back may be outdated as far as parts availability and such anyways.
    on my 78 Fury I replaced the main drive link (whole thing-- metal and plastic) probably 8 or 9 years ago. and I do not drive it much (definitely not enough) as far as I know the chrome molding at the bottom of the windshield has never been off the car since it left the factory. but if I haven't "just" had the wipers running sometimes I gotta "help" them get past that trim when I 1st use them... nothing appears to be amiss there. but the real issue is the other link... the one between driver and passenger wiper pivot. one end just doesn't want to stay on, I replaced the button on that end with crappy Dorman, the original one on the other end still pops on way harder than the Dorman ones. Last time I replaced that one that isn't as stiff with another Dorman button it lasted a week and about 3 tries of the wipers... and then I have drivers wiper only... in those 3 times, it didn't seem to have its normal issue of sticking on the lower trim when 1st started, but it was while they were wiping that I lost another of those Dorman white buttons in that link. Are the originals (hopefully NOT repackaged Dorman POS' with a Mopar sticker) still able to be bought? As I remember my 92 and 93 Dakotas took what looked to be the same piece, have not needed to look at the wipers on the 96 yet.... but taht's 18 years newer so hopefully there's hope that I can still get those push in buttons right from Mopar.... Anyone know?

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    ok update... had day off work so I stopped in on my local parts counter... yeah they still do have those parts available, only had 1 in stock but he will have more tomorrow...... a lot more robust than the Dorman ones. When I asked for them they knew exactly what I wanted without going thru the year/make/model BS.... said it's one of the "oldest parts they still stock"....


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      That's great news Don. Please report back on how it works for you.
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        Cool. I have used Dorman's 49440 with success. Same number you use?

        bringin' em back ~ to the Dodge Mahal !!....

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          yeah magnumguy I think so.... I wound up with having to buy the "multi pack with a couple each of GM, Ford and Mopar bushings and the ones I have gotten from Dorman, are pure crap.