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All time high frustation with project magnum.

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  • All time high frustation with project magnum.


    Have you every hit a snag in a project that made you seriously think about just selling the whole thing? I bought a clean 78 Magnum with a trunk full of rare GT parts about a years ago as a runner but the 360 was very sick, So what started as a cam swap, carb and intake swap morphed into buying a 408 short block, having a set of RHS LAX heads built. Everything was going great and building momentum then I hurt my shoulder and could touch the car for months.

    Once I could work on the car I mocked up the long block and bang look at that, the pistons in the short block are for open chamber heads only and don't work with my LAX heads! in the long run I know this is not that big of a problem and could be fixed a few different ways, But between work and storm cleanup after Irma I feel like it going to be another 6 months before get the SOB together and stabbed back into the car.

    Had a neighbor offer me 5k for the whole kit and caboodle and I really thought about it as I could use a new 4x4, I know that I would regret selling it but it is tempting! How many of you have been through this song and dance, they are never done are they? Thanks for listening to me rant, please share some stories will happy endings or the ones that you wish you had never let go!

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    Worse yet is going through a divorce and everything gets not just put on hold but it's all now pretty much set in stone that it's all out the window.


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      I hear you, it could always be worse. In the grand scheme of things I am pretty lucky all things considered!


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        To be truthful, I'm surprised she hung around this long but she had her own set of issues too.....but we all do. I have two 66 Belvedere 1's and both are 2 dr sedans. One I've had for nearly 30 years and the other one came to me only a few years ago. There's someone that's supposed to come by today to look at one or both but I'm not sure I'm wanting to let go of the one I've had all this time. It's been one of those projects that every time I start working on it, something bad happens and well, it's ironic that I had started working on it again just before she decided to leave but right now, I'm thinking her being gone isn't going to be a bad thing


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          You have to decide if it's the car you want or not. If it is, get to it when you can and hang onto it. It took 3-1/2 years for my Demon to be finished but it was worth the wait. Heading out tomorrow with the local car club to a veterans home in Jackson, La. to bring a car show to them and cook for them. This is the 4th year we've done it and it is well worth the 100 mile drive and work to see their happy faces when we show up.
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            It can get frustrating for sure. Hang in there...a few more months one way or another is nothing in the scheme of things. You'll really enjoy this car when it's done.
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              I am in the same boat though I started my 1979 Dodge Magnum GT project nearly 7 years ago. It started out going strong. A head on collision with a drunk driver and many years of rehab followed up by a well needed and wonderful divorce and nearly 7 years have past. I am trying to put together a car that has missing parts - lack of proper documentation and a bunch of items needed for the car that are no longer made. 6 months ago I was super excited after 7 years off the road I finally put the engine in the car and on the first crank it started ! Could not be more excited ! I take the car over to have the exhaust put on and some headers added and the meat heads used screws too long and tapped into the water jackets of the heads. Engine needed to come back out - yes they will pay to have everything repaired - bonus but two mechanics with the brains of a box of rocks and my frustration level was at a all new high and honestly I was done with the project. I had my fill. Last week after sitting around because of Hurricane Irma and I started putting the pieces back together again - Missing brackets - screws - tranny shield - kick down bracket - etc.. because of a idiot that stated he was a mechanic. A wiring harness that is a complete mess and honestly useless. Yesterday the car was breathing life once again and yes on the first crank ! So if you are curious if you should sell and move on - I put the car outside for about 30 minutes while I move some stuff around the shop and had at least four people stop and have more excitement with the car then I. Tomorrow I take the car over to have the glass put back in. Today - I am glad I did not give up. I pushed through it and very much looking forward to having the car hit the street once again. Good Luck on your project ..


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                Thanks Gentlemen,

                I looked for a clean example for several years before I the one I have, First car I ever drove on my own was my mothers 79 Magnum XE. I am putting a dial indicator on the pistons this weekend to figure out how far they are proud of the deck, once I have those numbers I can figure out what to do form there. 1. Run worked over open chamber heads, 2. Pull the pistons and have the quench pads milled or if cheaper replace the pistons, 3. Run the edelbrock 340 heads with the .030 chamber clearance for the early high compression 340 domed piston. 4. Trick head gaskets depending on how much more clearance I need over the .039 crushed height fel-pro gaskets I have.

                Frustrated for sure and I complain when I am frustrated, but I know I will regret it if I sell her. My Coronet is too much car for the street and the Magnum would just make way too cool of a daily driver!


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                  larger mag.jpg
                  The offender in question
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                    motor 1.jpgmotor 5.jpg The quench pad is at the 12 o clock, the pic on the right is how she sits now excepted fogged and bagged/


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                      Originally posted by Popinsmoke View Post
                      larger mag.jpg
                      The offender in question
                      I like the offender! Did you have this for sale some time back on C-list?

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                        No I didn't have it up for sale, I bought her from a gentleman in South Florida that might have had it on C-list as he also had it on Ebay. I got a whole bunch of GT parts as well with the car, depending on the day I think about selling her