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Huh, well there's your problem.

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  • Huh, well there's your problem.

    So we went to fire the replacement 400 on Thursday night, and after one revolution of the engine we hear a sound like water hitting concrete. Fresh coolant was pouring out of the open exhaust manifold on the passenger side. Fearing a cracked head, we very quickly tore the head off and found this, thank god the old girl didn't fire up immediately, #2 was so full of fluid that it would've hydrolocked.

    Grabbed two new gaskets on Saturday, popped the other head off last night and it was just as bad.

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    Yikes! Thank goodness you didn't have a full exhaust on it.

    So what caused that?
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      I think it's just age as the other one is gone in the exact same spot, looks like corrosion more than anything. If you look real close, you can see the pentastar logo in the gasket itself, so I'm pretty sure they're original to the engine.