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    does someone know whats the difference between the E56 360 and the E58 360 besides one has dual exhaust and one has single exhaust i know the E58 360 has a windage tray i know that because i had a 79 300 years ago i remember when i took the motor apart it had a windage tray. just wondering. thanks

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    The E58 are "Police motors" were 4bbl, and I think a more aggressive cam.

    Is the E56 the 2bbl lean burns?
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      The 58 also had moly top rings and a double row timing chain.


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        mine is a 360 4 bbl e56 engine which i found out is a high altitude or a California engine from what i found out its basically a 2bbl 360 that they slapped a 4 bbl on its a lean burn engine,with a ton of smog equipment on thank god no emissions for cars of that year off goes the smog equipment and lean burn.