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Clicking From Magnum Dash

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  • Clicking From Magnum Dash

    This is more to help others than my seeking and answer, as I already know the answer.

    I was getting clicking from the dash of my Magnum every few seconds when ignition was on.

    After taking the dash down, a relay was found to be the culprit of the clicking. Doing a Google search of the number on relay, it was identified to a "Hidden Headlight Relay". I'd had the electrics (new brushes, cleaned armature, ...) rebuilt about ten years ago, but I haven't driven the car at night in many years. Frankly, I didn't know that they weren't working, and the relay was fighting it.

    When the motor was removed, the condensed version is a Power Probe wouldn't actuate the motor - it was disassembled. The little plastic cam/gear part was bound from coagulated grease. It took spraying a lot of CRC electrical contact cleaner in it to work it loose enough to disassemble, lean, white Lithium grease, reassemble, and put back in the car.

    Works great now.

    The points are:
    1. If you hear clicking coming from your dash and you have electric motor hidden headlights (Magnum, St. Regis, Imperial...) check your headlight motor before taking dash down.
    2. There's a good chance that the motor isn't working because of 40 year old grease is as hard as a rock, and that you can dissemble, lean, grease, reassemble, and reinstall in a couple f hoirs, and not end motor to be rebuilt.
    3. Same for power window motors. Old grease will bind the motor.

    I hope this helps someone
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