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Build Thread: 77 Cordoba Muscle

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  • Build Thread: 77 Cordoba Muscle

    I figure its time to start a build thread for this thing.

    This is my 77 cordoba, 400ci triple black with "rich corinthian leather", slapshift, pwr windows.

    I last drove this car when I was a teenager, but due to my low income, rising gas prices, and no place to work on it I parked it and switched over to sports cars for awhile.

    So its been sitting in the corner of my yard for about a decade now, rusting away. Were having our first child in september, and I needed a more family friendly car, something with more than two seats. I cant stand newer cars, theres no way Im going to drive an SUV or minivan, so the 77 it is then.

    The plan is:
    451 stroker
    47RE od trans
    9 1/4 suregrip 3.55
    relocated rear springs
    all new suspension
    hunkered-down stance 295/50-15s tucked into the wheel wells.

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    So I actually drove the car to my parents shop in April , and tore it down, used a hot-powerwasher on the whole thing, jerked the drivetrain and suspension out.

    it is rusty, the quarters and fenders are trashed, rusty trunk floor. Theres also rust at the quarter to roof joints, the rear bumper and trunk lid are shot, But no rust at the window edges, nor is there any rust in the rockers, floor, or any of the suspension mounting points.

    So far I have painted the engine bay, put in all new fuel and brake lines, de-rusted and undercoated underneath.
    Now im working on suspension

    the engine bay looks nice You can see the K frame bushings are missing, Im waiting on a set to get here. They were surprisingly easy to remove.
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      Looks like it'd be a good car with some sheetmetal work.

      Is it going to be the primary car or not? If it is, not flying over the handle makes it easy to have a powerful reliable car with decent gas mileage. (high gears in the rear really help, build the engine for low-end grunt and it's even better, if it doesn't have to work hard at low RPM and the RPMs don't ever get too high, the mpg can be stellar)

      To be honest, I'd pick up a Dippy or something like that to have a good 4 door family mobile and let this thing be a beast without the burden of responsibility. Will also make it easier to do it all the right way the first time without a rush on time.
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        Ill have some more details on the rear suspension later this week when I finish it, also the 451 should come back from the machine shop this week as well, Ill start putting that together too.

        Heres the trans, a 47re out of a late model dodge truck. I have lopped off the bellhousing in order to fit a big block unit on there. I will have to weld a bracket for the floor shifter on it, and fabricate a rear crossmember since the tail is much larger than a 727. The end result is a 33% reduction in highway rpm


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          You are very ambitious and I can't wait to see the progress. The triple Black Cordoba brings back a lot of good memories for me. Man I wish I wasn't old enough to have so many memories!


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            Triple black '77 favorite! Looks like you're making good progress there. Hope we can get more pics and details on that 47re conversion!
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              Sounds like it'll be a cool build. I saw one like that for free with a mildly built 440 for $2500. (it's a car to put the motor in, went 13s)
              '67 Dart 270 4 door '72 340(9.5:1), 727, 8-3/4", A/C, original interior, big bolt discs

              '77 Aspen SE 2 door '77 318, 998,8-1/4",A/C, Cruise control car,power discs,power steering


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                Just curious, what motor was in the Dodge truck that the 47re came out of?
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                  The truck was a 360, the trans is a direct fit for a small block. I had to get an aftermarket 727 big block bellhousing, hence the sawzalling. Ive also got a sensor group to make the trans work like it should, od in/out a certain speeds, and kick out a 60% throttle. Ill do a write-up on it later when I put the thing in.
                  probably a month or so


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                    wow, that looks like my 300 when I started...
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                      keep up the good work man!!
                      1979 Chrysler 300 (408 stroker) SOLD!!!


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                        Okay, so I finished the rear suspension this week (minus shocks)

                        I used a set of E-body offset hangers and shackles for shorter leafs, redrilled the leaf spring bolt hole in them, reperched the axle, its a 9 1/4 3.55 sure-grip.
                        I then added the 2" lowering blocks, new leaf springs, and a set of old-style shock plates from mancini racing. Something seemed fishy about the blocks so I removed them to look things over, the mopar perches are smaller than the blocks! In the picture I painted orange where the axle perch sat:

                        Scary stuff! DO NOT use hollow lowering blocks in these cars!
                        Anyways, I made a new set out of 2" HD box tubing, much sturdier.
                        I also was able to reuse the stock sway bar (just barely), I made the links using energy suspension mounts and some pieces of flat steel. I can now shove 295/50 15s up into the wheel wells and not have rubbing.

                        I lowered the leaf spring mount an inch, and with the 2" blocks in there as well, it has a very hunkered-down stance
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                          Also this week I finally got the phone call from my machinist to pick everything up:

                          Its the 400 block out of the car with the works done, punched out .030.

                          A 440 steel crank cut down to 400 bearing and counterweight size, making 451 CI

                          Keith black kb215 pistons, 10.5:1 with my setup.

                          Big Isky 3-bolt cam and gear drive kit

                          New valves and springs for the heads, 452 casting

                          edelbrock intake and carb

                          serpentine belt setup with late model a/c to be added later

                          I was thinking about switching to a newer alternator with more oomph and going to electric fans, but Ill decide on that when I get there I guess.

                          Tonight I stuffed the cam into the block and plastigauged the crank. So far so good.
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                            Let me know if you need a set of leaf spring isolator pads, Ive got brand new poly ones Im not going to use, ill take $50 shipped for them.

                            Im also looking for front fenders, (75-77), a trunk lid, rear bumper and rear bumper mounts, and a tach gauge cluster too, Im located in SW missouri


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                              Looking good cant wait to see pics of it when its done!
                              1979 Chrysler 300 (408 stroker) SOLD!!!