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1978-1979 Dodge Magnum NOS Body Parts - Detroit CL

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  • 1978-1979 Dodge Magnum NOS Body Parts - Detroit CL

    Not my Ad

    I have several NOS 1978-1979 dodge Magnum body parts for sale. I will only sell this as a lot, I will not separate. These are in great condition and the rust you see is much lighter in person and from sitting in side for almost 40 years. These parts are very hard to come by and will easily clean up. If you see these in person you will be amazed at the condition and quality of the panels. Included in the NOS lot are the following and can be seen in the pics:

    Right Front Fender
    Left Front Fenders
    Right Door Skin
    Left Door Skins
    Right A-Pillar/Door Post Assembly
    Left A-Pillar/Door Post Assembly
    Additional (Non-Assembled) Right A-Pillar and Door Post
    Additional (Non-Assembled) Left A-Pillar and Door Post
    Right Outer Rocker Panels
    Left Outer Rocker Panels
    Roof Skin
    Front Inner Roof Support Bar
    Rear Inner Roof Support Bar
    Right Quarter Panel
    Left Quarter Panel
    Filler Panel (also referred to as dutchman panel) Between rear glass and deck lid
    Right Trunk Gutter
    Left Trunk Gutter
    Deck lid for Dodge Magnum
    Deck lid for Chrysler Cordoba
    Tail Panel
    5 small addition brackets, location unknown

    That's over 22 individual panels for $2,200.

    If you have any questions regarding these parts, feel free to email me and I will get back with you shortly.
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    A nice collection of parts for sure.

    But what do you think...More original parts (as in cut off of a car) than NOS (New Old Stock...service replacement parts), I'd say? Service parts never came bare like that, but always in primer coat to protect them from rust. Also, several of the parts with pinch-weld flanges have holes in the flanges, where it would appear that the factory spot welds were drilled out. Replacement panels that are to be welded on with spot welds on a pinch weld flange don't come with holes pre-punched.

    I would guess these were stripped form a car and blasted or acid dipped? Not that there's anything wrong with that.
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