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Well, she's home!

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  • Well, she's home!

    Should have posted this the other day, but with the sons grad this weekend, I got a bit busy. Anyway, my best friend Steve trailered the Cordoba home from Saskatchewan on Friday! She's got a bit of rust on the quarters but nothing I can't handle, the engine is dry seized, but is currently soaking with a 50/50 mix of ATF and acetone, will try and break it loose after another few days of letting it sit. It was expected as the poor thing has been sitting since 1990! Oh, and someone has cranked the torsions bars right up, the thing sits like a 4x4 and is stiff as a board lol. Anyway, enjoy a few pics!

    Here's Steve, on the right, handing me the keys when he hit town on Friday. It's probably about the worst picture of the two of us I've ever seen lol.

    None of the tires would hold air for longer than a minute or two, so we promptly bolted on my old slots with the tires I just had put on for my Mustang. They look WAY better on this beast, so they'll be staying along with the matching fronts once they get rubber on them.

    Everybody needs a buddy like Steve. He's as close as a brother and will bend over backwards to help myself and any other friend out.

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    WPC# 12304 / 1970 Plymouth Duster / 1972 Dodge Charger Rallye / 1977 Chrysler Cordoba


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      I like this project so far. Future plans for it? WAIT! We need a project name before anything happens. No good project starts without much beer consumed and lots of names for things tossed about first.

      My vote is "Project : CanaDoba "


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        Good news

        bringin' em back ~ to the Dodge Mahal !!....

        Where old Magnums can find a home.. :angel:


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          Originally posted by nonstick View Post
          I like this project so far. Future plans for it? WAIT! We need a project name before anything happens. No good project starts without much beer consumed and lots of names for things tossed about first.

          My vote is "Project : CanaDoba "
          Future plans are swap the 2 barrel over for the Offy intake and Thermoquad, headers with dual 2.5" exhaust and fix the rusty quarters before repainting her silver. Gotta get the 400 unstuck first, she hasn't been driven in 26 years, so the poor girl is dry seized. Got her soaking with a 50/50 mix of acetone and ATF, will let it sit for a few days before getting the breaker bar on it.

          Funny you should mention naming it, long before it was home I sent a buddy a picture of the interior,

          His reply was, "what the hell, when they ran out of Corinthian leather they started using old Navajo panties?". The name has stuck, project Navajo Panties.


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            Hehe, Navajo Panties it is, then.

            That Navajo interior is polarizing, that's for sure. Ya either love it or hate it. Personally, I like it on a plain wrapping car. Start mucking it up with stripes, half the car this and half that, etc.... it's a lot of busy to take in all at once.

            Might I suggest for the paint? Plumcrazy and I were playing with his whole grey-scale when he had the Viper. I dare say I was having a bit of fun with it all. Lots of good complimentary contrast with his car being silver, doing the valve covers in a charcoal/pearl and so on. My vote for the exterior? "Silver Pearl".

            Black base/ primer. A couple of coats silver with pearl additive..... mmmmmm, tasty. It would lend itself well to the size and shape of 'ol Navajo Panties, there. And at night? Wheshewwww.... gunfighter meets terminator look depending on which parking lot light you are under. Good stuff.

            Also.... bumper guards. Ick. Suck the bumpers in a bit tighter and lose the snub guards. It totally transforms the front end. Nice-n-clean.
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              You read my mind bud, I'm leaning towards a silver or a metallic gun metal grey as it'll go great with the red interior. X2 on the bumper guards, but for some reason those damn amber driving lights have grown on me lol.


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                Yup, big fan of the silver pearl. Daytime it looks like a burnished metal, at night it looks liquid as the light passes over. Accent it out with SATIN black ( think clean new tire type lustre ) and it'll be a show stopper. Maybe vinyl roof refreshed, put some quarter window doo-hicker louvers on her. Classy.

                I downvote the round driving lights, lol.


                there ya go. Your car, in silver, Navajo Panty interior.
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                  Navajo panty - how do you plan on putting on the skid mark?
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