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Headers or Magnum truck manifolds

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  • Headers or Magnum truck manifolds


    I was wondering is any of you are running headers on your late model small block B body? What are your experience with installation and fitment on your car with A/C and power steering?

    Anyone run the late model 92 to 93 5.9 truck manifolds that supposedly flow as well if not better then the the 340hp manifolds?

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    I've heard the small block Magnum exhaust manifolds flow pretty decently but don't have any experience with installing them on the cars. I would think it wouldn't be that hard to do though.....


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      Look at the engine photos I posted on your 4bbl thread, I have headers on a couple of those motors. On the BB I used Schumacher. On the Imperial I used an A Body Tri Y.

      With a mostly stock small block I don't think you need more than a Tri Y, or 1 5/8" primary shorty for B Body.

      On the intake, I used the non EGR Performer (Air Gap is too tall for Magnums).

      While Improving under hood, the aluminum brake master cylinder is a good upgrade that looks and works better.
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        I spent the afternoon at the local pick a part and scored a set of 92 Dakota exhaust manifolds, couldn't beat the price so I am going to give them a shot.


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          A Dakota V8 in a junk yard?? Man, finding one on the road is tough enough lol. Been looking for a decent regular cab early 90's model for awhile now. Seems like most of them are extended cab.


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            I was lucky the local pick a part has 3 yards and about 30 Dakotas, and the most of them are the later body style of the 4 square trucks only one was a V8. They even had a 67 dart but it was pretty picked over


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              So I scored a set of the early magnum exhaust manifold that are supposed to flow equal to or better than the 340 hp manifolds. Part numbers are #53006618 and 53006619 I mocked them up and the seem like they are going to fit my magnum just fine. The outlet in 2.25 the later ones are 2 inch and 1/78 on some I have heard but can't verify.