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need blue seat belt latches for my 75 Cordoba

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  • need blue seat belt latches for my 75 Cordoba

    Hi folks, it's been a while. 4 yrs ago I pulled the motor from my 70K mile Cordoba to fix the leaks and drips. One thing leading to another, I ended up with the trans getting a new lease on life and a new Whiplash cam and lifters with matching springs. Then, it sat for a while. In Feb, a friend helped me get it all back together. It sounds great and runs sweet. But, I'd forgotten how shot the latches were on my front bench seat. They work but only after a lot of wiggling around. Anyway, if anybody has a set of good unused ones or knows about a conversion to something newer, I'm interested. Thanks

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    I sent you a PM. Otherwise I would say just try some from a 73-up Mopar?