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Fuel Tank Mounting Straps

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  • Fuel Tank Mounting Straps

    does anybody know where to get new Fuel Tank Mounting Straps for a 1978 dodge magnum my are shot i am putting in a 20 gallon tank so i can run dual exhaust and i cant find the straps anywhere any help would be great thanks.

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    I think Auto Zone carries the universal straps if you dont have to have OEM... I got some for a car not to long back ..they were not NOS...but 2 holes drilled and they fit perfect

    Try a google search of Autozone universal fuel tank straps
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      In another thread, a couple of us were wondering out loud if third gen. Charger tanks might fit. I guess I would wonder the same thing about the straps. But I don't know for sure. Just offering a possible alternative.
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        i seen it somewhere that some one used a 73 charger tank in a 78 magnum but he didn't say anything about the straps though


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 this one lists length as 39 1/2"


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            I used my ame tank to go headers and dual 2.5" exhaust my sliding tank to right one strap

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