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    Hello, I'm just wondering if anyone has a part number or might even know where I can obtain the stainless trim that divides the landau top on a 79 Cordoba? It seems these suckers are hard to find.

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    Outside of browsing CL for parts cars....

    Find people on ebay that sell things like these. If they have the trim parts that go around windows to landau cars, they may very well have the car. It doesn't hurt to ask and usually they go after the quick pull and money parts on the car and don't think twice about the little things elsewise.

    Anything other than that, there may be a member here that may have an extra piece laying around in a parts pile. Ya never know.


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      Can't remember if I have a '79 parts book or not. I'll check when I get home, and post back if I do.
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