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Oakland Raiders and the Charger SE

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  • Oakland Raiders and the Charger SE

    Woo hoo...I'm back!

    After several PC changes in the last few months, I have my access to the site back! Thank you for your help BK!

    So I'm watch some old football reruns, and they are talking about the great Ken Stabler, and the Oakland Raiders.

    And there in the background, at field level, is a silver Charger SE.

    Just found it interesting. You don't usually see cars staged at the back of the end zone. There's an official in this frame, so this is not practice or's a game!

    So I was wondering is any of our California members (or anyone else) knew anything about this. Was it a Dodge promotion, was it a Raider's edition done by the local dealer group (if so, it should have been silver and black), or ???
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