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78 - 79 Dodge Magnum and Chrysler Cordoba New Trunk weather strip seal "Finally"

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  • 78 - 79 Dodge Magnum and Chrysler Cordoba New Trunk weather strip seal "Finally"

    Ok, so while I was at MATS (Mopars at the Strip) Las Vegas last week, I stopped by the Metro seal booth and was talking to the Rep. I told him that I needed a new trunk seal for my 78 Magnum. I had purchased one from another vendor that was listed for a Magnum, but it wasn't even close. The Magnum seal has a steel core that goes over a pinch weld. The older cars had a glue on seal which is what I got. He said that they didn't make one, which I already knew, but told me to bring the seal over to see if he had something that would work. So I went back to the car and pulled the seal and took it over. What we found was a generic GM door seal that fit perfectly. Only $32.00 Here are a few pics of the installed seal and one with the Metro part number. They will be listing these in the next catalog for Magnums and Cordobas. Easy install: lay it over the pinch weld and just press it on. I had to cut about 9" off. Really nice soft seal and doesn't make the deck lid bulge up. Much better than pulling old used crap from the JY.

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    Nice find!

    Unfortunately, that won't work for my '77. It's glued on, like the earlier cars. That must have been a '78/'79 thing.
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      Good deal, and good to know.

      bringin' em back ~ to the Dodge Mahal !!....

      Where old Magnums can find a home.. :angel:


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        i know this is an old, but i just did it like 20 minutes ago fits like a charm thanks for the tip.