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    Hello fellow late b-body addicts...have a question and maybe someone might know...does an aluminium drive shaft from a ford crown vic have enough length to be milled down, balanced, and effectively installed in my 1976 Cordoba? Just thinking about od swap, and don't know the driveshaft lengths between the 2 vehicles. Anyone do this, try this...???

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    It would probably be more than long enuf, BUT, you would have to have new ends welded in to accommodate MOPAR size u-joints, or find a probably impossible to find combination u-joints. Call Tim @ American Driveline in Dayton Ohio @ 937-461-9214. He can build ANYTHING you want! You'll need to measure the driveshaft length you have now from center to center of the u-joints for him. Tell him Curt formerly @ Auto Plus told you to call. He is the ONLY place that in over 30 years of drag racing that has built me driveshafts that I have NEVER been able to break!!! He also builds bullet proof CV axles as well.

    PS if he can't do it, it can't be done!!!!
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      Is there something wrong with your original drive shaft?


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        Have to agree with HemiSatellite...just have one made. It's probably no more money for them to make one, than to modify a used part. DTS makes custom shafts too.
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          Think I have a spare out of a 79 300 if you are interested. 727 yoke.