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1976 Dodge Charger Sport

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    I can post it on my Magnum Facebook page as well.

    bringin' em back ~ to the Dodge Mahal !!....

    Where old Magnums can find a home.. :angel:


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      Originally posted by CHARGERCHICK View Post
      Thanks Bblock : ) He is a sharp looking ride, a definite head turner everywhere we go. Yeah I had my guy in Chicago take those; I'm getting him to take some engine and interior shots.
      If you haven't already, put it in the free classifieds when you come up with a price. Magnumguy has good knowledge on pricing for these cars. Good luck. Let us know the price you are looking for.


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        Originally posted by CHARGERCHICK View Post
        Hemi, If that would help me sell the car quicker, I would post a pic of me and my boy
        My dear, I know a LOT of forgotten b owners around here that are always looking for gold. one Ohio member is ever storing a coast to coast purchase with me for about a year!
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          Originally posted by hemisatellite View Post
          I wanna see a pic of CHARGERCHICK
          Ditto on the!


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            Originally posted by CHARGERCHICK View Post
            So, I tried posting photos. I posted my car photos in the "Garage', is that the only place I can post photos?
            You can now post the pics like the ones posted on 4bbodys.. I upped your post count if you want to post from another place like photobucket..

            Nice car for sure.. Original paint? I would try an fix that seat and maybe clean up the carpet some.. That would bring a few extra dollars ....
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