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    There has been a lot of ebay activity on these b-bodies as of late....WTF?...They are low number/unique vehiciles...are they the new ...Barn Finds for us mopar lovers? Ok, a 1975 coronet/base dodge charger with a non-catalyst 318 or the same with a 400. Where are these coming from? Anyone want to share? I am so impressed with the Chrysler Corporation as they resisted Cataylic Converters and were able to produce passenger cars I know all the way to 1977 without a cat. Hell, just putting unleaded into a designed leaded car like my 76 cordoba created "free cleaner emissions."

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    Why you ask?

    Because all the e-bodys are expensive and bought up .

    Ans 71-74 chargers/runners are getting pricy as well

    These are good cars just not as sexy?
    2006 Town@Country loaded


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      I guess there are still a fair number of late B's around. I haven't checked the market that much on what they're going for, but certainly much less than the more popular older B's.
      I have a 76 Cordoba as well. 400 and no cats with 45,000 original miles. Been in my family since day 1. Biggest problem here is if they catch you removing any of the bogus emissions junk i.e. heat pump, you're in trouble. Under the hood is cluttered with wiring and plumbing. I miss the clean under hood of the older cars.


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        I have a '75 Charger that had a cat. I removed it years a go and also removed the EGR stuff. and put dual exhaust on it. I don't think they go back that far on emission check stuff. But the new cats are far better flowing than the old ones. At only 1 to 2k miles a year driving it it has a small carbon footprint anyway.