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Classic Battle: Boomer vs. Gen Xer cars

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  • Classic Battle: Boomer vs. Gen Xer cars
    WPC# 12304 / 1970 Plymouth Duster / 1972 Dodge Charger Rallye / 1977 Chrysler Cordoba

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    Same happened in the two generations before us. My father's generation wanted 50s and early 60s fins cars, T-Buckets and/or Kustoms. My grandfather's generations wanted Model As & Ts, or the Classics (Duessys, Pierce Arrows, ...) if they had money. As both generations died off -- their cars lost value -- as will Muscle cars someday.
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      I've said the same, muscle-era cars have had their heyday. And that's a shame for the 50's cars as well. Now, will "our" beloved "disco-era" cars benefit from that, who knows?

      bringin' em back ~ to the Dodge Mahal !!....

      Where old Magnums can find a home.. :angel:


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        Agreed BK. My Dad always wanted a restored A. And while Model A and T values are not what they were at their peak, nice cars still bring decent money. So while the market got softer, it never completely collapsed. Personally, I hope to own a T, or similarly early car some day. I find them fascinating.

        And we know we've started to see our values rise some in recent years. I think we all knew it would happen eventually.
        WPC# 12304 / 1970 Plymouth Duster / 1972 Dodge Charger Rallye / 1977 Chrysler Cordoba


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          I would take the 64 GTO over the late model Trash Am any day!! Plus, I don't know very many gen x's that are into cars anyways....and the cars of the late 70's through the 80 were usually piles of shat. But yeah, you do find people who would like to have their first car back because it means something to them. First off, it was their car and they had a lot of fun with it. Does that mean my youngest would want her PT Cruiser GT 20 years from now? I doubt it. She likes the older cars too. I just heard about someone's daughter that wants to find a Ford Probe because it was her first car. Someone needs to lead her down the right path lol. I know my oldest (gen x) has no desire to have her first car back....a K car Charger. She's just not into cars that much plus she would just total it out.


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            The cars in the 80's were such junk. They will have to repop complete noses and tails for them. Then there is the cheap interior and switches. Absolute crap.....even compared to the mid to late 70s.
            The mid 90's cars started to bet a little better for the interiors. The sheet metal is thin and there is still too much plastic.
            Camaros and Mustangs are about the only cars with a chance for repo'ed parts. There might be a market for Monte Carlos too. The T-Birds and anything Mopar are SOL.
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              There's a decent following for the turbo K cars especially the ones with the Shelby name on them.....and just about any Rampage gets bought up if it's half way decent shape.