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10,718 miles1977 Chrysler Cordoba Convertible

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  • 10,718 miles1977 Chrysler Cordoba Convertible

    the fit of the top looks like shit
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    I never remember the 360 engine having the distributor in the front......

    Am I missing something here? I'm not disputing the "fact?" that they made 10 of these from Coachcraft, but they were not factory built autos, so I guess I would not expect the top fit to be perfect....especially when the top fit on the "factory built" convertibles was lousy to begin with!


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      You drive those with the top down anyways My 70 Challenger rag top fit pretty good and I love how some people have no idea what they are looking at.


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        keep the top down and enjoy

        I don't see a lot of extra bracing underneath?
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          Looks like it's a 400 car by the VIN. Never know what people think when they put the engine size on a listing...

          I think a lot more than 7 were made unless there was something special about this- seems a bit overvalued anyway, but the super low miles and droptop big block isn't a common combo.
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            I'd say 7 ( or 10 ) might be right on, as I"ve only seen this one, a green one @ Carlisle, and a red? one somewhere. (no, not Ohio either .... )

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