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Removal and Replacement of a Magnum's headlight covers

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  • Removal and Replacement of a Magnum's headlight covers

    I need to replace a cracked headlight cover on my Magnum, with a better one, and I have not done this before. In what order is it easiest to remove the whole cover unit and replace it. Just looking it over it is not standing out to me what should be removed first to get the entire headlight cover out.



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    Paul, remove the parklens, and best to loosen the inside h/l bucket, just pry it away from the adjustment screw, and then the "V" clip from the inside end of the header. Use needlenose pliers to pull the pivot pin from the outside of the headlight on the outside (p/l) end.

    You might dribble penetrating oil on the place where the metal driveshaft and the h/l door slide together.
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