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Taking out the transmission

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  • Taking out the transmission

    I'm taking out the transmission on my '76 Charger because the last time I was at the track, my Boss Hog converter shed a weight and made a mess in the bellhousing. I have a built 904 that was in a Mirada I used to have that will be going in with a new converter. I've never actually had the transmission out on the Charger, I swapped the converter when the engine was out.

    I haven't taken anything apart yet, but do I have to take the torsion bars out to get the trans out? It looks like the tail of the transmission won't clear the cross member that holds the ends of the torsion bars.

    I really don't want to take the bars out as any time of worked with them they've been a royal PITA. Any insights?

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    Is there not a bolted piece of cross member at the tranny mount that comes out?? Must be!

    should not have to take T bars out


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      Yep that's my trans crossmember but on this car there's another removable crossmember directly behind that one that hold the ends on the torsion bars. The tail stock of the trans is right above it.


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        just drop it down, leave the T-bars in place, work around it.
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          Chisel the weights off the convertor and use a B&M flex plate for externally balanced motors
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            I swapped it last night. The tail stock pushes back over the torsion bar mount far enough where the front of the trans can drop down enough to clear the bottom of the engine and then slide forward and out. Definitely helps to have a buddy nearby to help catch it. Good idea about the weighted flex plate. The trans I pulled out had a nice little gunshot through the top of the bellhousing where the weight hit it. Cracked nearly to the main body of the transmission. Thanks for the replys.