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  • Headers on ebay

    Anyone know anything about these?:

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    Sure don't....did you buy em? I see he has a set of 'brand new' stock rods. I wonder where those came from? They also do not have any balance pads on them and that's not the way factory rods came. He says they were made in the USA and he has good feedback....


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      I wonder but you are better off with these I'm sure buddy put them on his 68 cuda fit was great even with power stearing

      or these scrow down and enlarge on motor pictures

      best are these what are you doing just a low HP cruiser


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        No, did not buy them. Just curious cause they are compact and I have read about a lot of header nightmares on B/RB headers.


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          Look like shorty headers for a tight framed car or street rod, not a bodied car. I wouldn't buy them for a bodied installation. Not meaning to slam Dodgeboy at all, but TTI headers are great for a guy with an unlimited budget. I priced TTI for myself for a RED car and they were over $800 higher than the competitors that have comparable flow rates. The call can only be yours, but we all appreciate you asking our opinions. I opted to have the collector repaired on my Stahl downturn headers to compare with my upswept headers. the downswept Stahl's are 10" shorter on the primary tubes for me.
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