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  • rear sway bar links

    I am looking for rear sway bar links for my 1976 cordoba. I remember buying in 1990 the type where the bushing was replaced by a "bolt in" type of replacement. I have done some research and it appears that I could buy 1998 Dodge ram sway bar linkage, cut off the round, not need end, and then have the "odd square" component from my old linkage welded together and, if you will, make my own new linkage. Questions...anybody done this, anybody have some other experience with "fabricating" these linkages. If memory serves me right, front sway bar of the cordoba also uses this "unique, f!@#d , Boy. I like bolts, nuts, washers, bushings, and just simple links like 71-72 Charger, uhh 70-74 E-body..I mean..WTF?... Please excuse my frustration.

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    Rick, I have some NOS Mopar replacement links for R-body rear bar, as the original welded on links had a tendency to snap off at the stud. The replacements were purchased years ago, when Mopar still listed them (not NS1), and they are of the bolt-on type, not welded as the originals.

    Give some dimensions and a picture, and I will see if these match up!


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      Hello R-bpdy. I have been working a lot and have just gotten a chance to get some data for these links. The sway bar diameter is 15/16ths. The height of the link from the "square welded" part to the welder washer on the link is 3 1/4. I am working on a photo. Thanks, Rick.