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  • TV show Elementary Mopar spotted

    I was watching a rerun of the TV show Elementary last night. It is a modern Sherlock Holmes. Dr Watson is played by Lucy Liu. Exceptionally shapely I might add. Anyway Holmes is a recovering addict in the show and his sponsor drives what looked like a black Cordoba.
    Ok after 911 we were told not to blame muslims because its not fair to blame a whole group for the actions of a few criminal and crazy terrorists
    12 years later it is fair to blame all gun owners for the actions of criminals and crazies
    who use guns to commit their crimes

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    I watched the show for the first time last night (7/4) but didn't notice much in the way of car-play. Could have been I just missed it...all the fireworks and random explosions were a little distracting.
    Can I be frank with you?
    Alright. Who should I be then?


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      it's actually a 1979 Magnum GT. Episode name is "Dead Man's Switch" and it aired on 4/25/13

      btw, agree on Lucy Liu a bit. Not too shabby. She's more Plum's style than mine.