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    Originally posted by dodgeboy8 View Post
    The 318 intake will have smaller ports won't really matter but blending to match the 360 heads would help maybe not much but???? I have ran them both ways 360 intake in 318 and 318 on 360 with no real problems.
    Exactly, I was thinking of gasket matching everything and calling it done.


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      LOL on the intake I would taper it back about 1" to smooth out the transition. the heads could probably use some gasket matching too!


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        If it sat that long dry, the gas tank is probably a real rusty mess. When I got my Magnum it had sat indoors for three or four years and the gas evaporated. I put a new fuel pump, filter, carb and intake on it, filled it up, and it ran good initially. Drove it 600 miles from Iowa to Michigan. A few weeks later it started staving for gas. The fuel filter was completely plugged. The tank and lines were all full of rust.

        I was able to save the lines, but had to have the tank sandblasted and coated in plastic (couldn't find a new one)


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          She sat for 16 years. We had it up and going bypassing the tank but unfortunately the car was stolen while we were on vacation a couple weeks ago. Never even got a chance to clean out the tank!


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            Gotta go after them horse thieves!!

            bringin' em back ~ to the Dodge Mahal !!....

            Where old Magnums can find a home.. :angel:


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              did you have it fully covered? Find the SOB and shoot them.