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Ok whos done a 518 trans swap? Need details.

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    ok, the guy I bought my '91-'92 518 from, pinched the distick tube closed. So, what works as well ? the 518 isnt hanging from trees around here in n.AZ. in the meantime, i just used the /6 904(?). it isn't in the doba yet, but the 904 tube fits perfectly. it's the stick itself thats a 1-2 inches short. only one boneyard here now. 3 of them closed inside 4 years. the one 17 miles away doesnt have 727s,500s,518s, or the 618s.


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      Have you tried the dealer? Keep us posted, interested to hear how this 518 will swap in. What size motor are you putting it behind? If I come across a dipstick for you I will let you know.
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        My car is still in pieces and can't start one project without working on two others. Trans is still resting in my basement