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    Hi guys recently had a mopar car show drag meet here in Melbourne, and i figured you guys might want to have a look at some photos.some of these machines will be all to familiar to ya others maybe not so, either way i hope you enjoy.

    love this

    nice 440 duster

    aussie vh coupe

    one more this one running mid 9 second passes with small bock
    1969 vf

    this car is just immaculate
    1970 vg valiant

    That's all for now will post some more latter on.

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    That's great stuff. Years and YEARS ago, I got to go "back east" for one of the Mopar Nationals. I spotted a 70 Plymouth Satellite that was right hand drive. Pointed it out to my buddy, we were looking at it from the rear. He must've taken at least 1/2 minute to figure out "what's wrong with that car?" Sure looks "weird" to us here.


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      Nice pics,,look forward to seeing some more.
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        Is that Blue Challenger right hand drive?


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          nice pictures......thanks for sharing ditto on like to see some more....
          340 Swinger


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            Nice cars. Thanks for posting them.


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              Ozzy Mopars are so kool!
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                I like the RHD Stude!
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                  Originally posted by QUADRATIC View Post
                  Is that Blue Challenger right hand drive?
                  Yep it is.There is a place here in Melbourne that does conversions on classic mopars,however most people that bring in classic cars can and do just leave them lhd.

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                  Sorry i took so long to post up more photos guys,have been quite busy down here anyway since that car show/drag meet i have manged to get to one more show & a cruise day/night.enjoy

                  friends charger on the highway going to a show

                  blown hemi rod.

         71 vh coupe 408 with all the good gear in it 2.friends 75 ute 360 power charger mild 360 soon to get 408.& mine is the last one in the group.

                  Nice neat cuda

                  Friends cuda 440 power.

                  luv the plate,anyway that's all for now.however we got the our biggest mopar gathering in mid march & when i get back i will post some more pics.cheers guys


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                    That's a lovely pictures. I'd like own one myself, but to expensive for now. the best looking is the third one the black colour, shape. Every girl is yours