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Been a few years since I've been here?

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  • Been a few years since I've been here?

    A few years back, won a 1972 Challenger in a raffle that a community college built. Plum Crazy, not correct for 1972, but my favorite color.

    Holy Schniekie! They did a fantastic job on the paint and body, and the vynil top. But it wasn't safe to drive? No lights, no wipers, a lot of little things.
    They painted the dash and steering column purple? WTF? lol. Looked good, but had serious problems.

    MOPAR came out with a HellCat Crate engine. I was fortunate enough to be able to purchase one. Long story, the money for the engine came from a bankrupt company
    that asked me if I wanted an early retirement buyout, or wait until I was 65? No clue that I had any money with this company? They were gone in the late 80's.

    HellCat. No brainer. NO WAY, NO HOW, a stupid imbecile like me, living paycheck to paycheck, could ever afford a rebuilt Challenger, and then get gifted a HellCat?

    Still blows my mind. Pretty much free car ($10.00 raffle) and pretty much free engine. (no idea anything was left of that company) YEARS later.

    HellCat came from Dave Radcliff at RosevilleMoparts, Michigan. Super, super stand up guy. I highly recommend him!

    What's whacky, is though every thing was pretty much free, I'm still going to sink around $40,000 into this car, of my own money. This hobby ain't cheap.
    Sub-frame, Gear Vendors , rear end axles, bought a Dakota Digital dash, wiring harness, brakes, trans (727) upgrades, fuel tank
    and fuel pump (Aeromotive to handle 700 HP) ... it all adds up. rather quickly. All new interior panels, etc. It makes one appreciate the time and effort the people on the tv shows
    do to build their cars. If you want to do it right, it costs money. I pinch myself everyday to make sure it's not a dream?

    I've had a model of a Challenger on my nightstand for as long as I can remember. It's the first thing I see when I get up. And the last thing I see before I go to sleep.
    I eat, drink, and bleed MOPAR. First car was a Charger.

    I'm not bragging at all. I'm the luckiest SOB on planet earth, and I know that. My house is finally paid off, and I have no other bills (except day to day stuff)
    I've got my Challenger. I've got a HellCat.

    Sometimes, I see the blood, sweat and tears of others, and it makes me feel like I am cheating. Then, today Steve Strope was discussing a $50,000 car
    compared to a $700.000 car! YIKES! Stranger things have happened. At least mine is going to be a daily driver when I am done.

    That's what the factory intended.
    I am half man, half dog. I am my own best friend.

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    I'm sat here, in the UK at midnight reading this, un- real mate, what an amazing story, well cool.