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Polishing headlites

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  • Polishing headlites

    The title says it all. This is my 2008 Raider, made by Dodge. These are the original headlights.I used a 3M kit, the best I have scene, it works very good.

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      But not the best pictures for my phone. But they turned out really nice


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        Looks good.

        Last year I polished hazy and yellow headlights on my 79 Magnum, and they came out great too. I thought I'd printed a step by step, but I cant find it.
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          Well it turned out good my daughter's truck. I'd post a picture but I'm on my cell phone I'm cuz my computer got toasted. But the 3M kit works really good. Post a picture up if you can be BK. Because that cover over those magnums maybe they can be polished really nice?


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            I better study up on this. Need to polish the headlights on a couple of cars. Site is looking good. Have been busy and not on recently. Miss the old days and all of the activity. Thanks for keeping it going Dave.