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Timing on 85 318 Engine

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  • Timing on 85 318 Engine

    I have a 1985 318 Engine with seemingly weird timing. There are Timing Marks on the Harmonic Balancer and on the Block.
    It runs best when set to about 23 BTDC. Anyone seen timing that High?
    (Yes I'm sure it' has not slipped a gear on the distributor and yes I'm sure #1 is TDC when rotor is pointing at #1 wire)

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    Can't remember when there was a change made to the teen's timing location but there are two different timing chain for the earlier engines and another for the later ones. Someone may have swapped out one that was leaking coolant into the engine for an older one that was good? Also, low compression engines usually do like more timing and yes, I've seen some that do like that much initial timing.


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      I'm very interested in Why factory timing is so high as opposed to other 318's being so low.
      I understand each engine runs best a little different from factory settings. but a lot of 318's have a recommended 6 and some at 12 BTDC
      But mine is above 20 BTDC.


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        Does it start easily at 20 Initial?
        was engine rebuilt where cam might be installed a little off?
        Is that a tape on the balancer, or embossed?
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          Starts very easy. I do not think the engine has been rebuilt or opened. The marks on Engine and Harmonic balancer are definitely embossed from the factory.


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            Today I re-checked my stuff.
            I verified TDC the Deep Groove in the Harmonic Balancer is exactly on Zero on the Scale on the Engine block.
            My rotor is pointing at #1 Cylinder.
            The Harmonic Balancer has these marks on it:
            AAVU || 10 |||| 0 ||||10 |||| 20 |||| 30 || 2754
            The Scale made into the Block has: 10 || 0 || 10

            My understanding is that "if" the 20 mark is seen lined up on the Scale on the Block at the 0 the timing would be 20 degrees BTDC.