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'91 van odometer.gear selector

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  • '91 van odometer.gear selector

    I recently bought a '91 Dodge B250 from the original owner. The speedometer works fine, but the odometer and gear selector indicator don't. I've been told the odometer and speedo are electric, not cable. Can anyone confirm this? Also that the selector indicator is a cable operated piece.

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    those years are notorious for odometer to quit... 90 and up. Pickups and vans. my son just had to replace the gears on the speedo head on his 92 Cummins and the ones in his 90 have not worked in the 6 years he has owned the truck, past owner guesstimated 10K on the truck since they last worked when he owned it. gear selector separate problem, there is a wire almost like dental floss that is probably broke or just disconnected... been driving long? The order has been P-R-N-D-2-1 for years and years, some may but I don't need no indicator to tell me what gear I drop it into, ha ha....


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      Yeah, I've since found a YouTube video on how to fix the odometer issue. I don't need an indicator, either. But occasionally my wife or others drive the van, and people need that. So I'll try and fix the selector problem at some point as well. Now: will my pickup headers fit the van; is my next thing...