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    Plymouth VIP


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          Here's a pic of a 71 Newport like the one I used to have in 72.
          383 2-barrel and got 22 mpg on the highway. Cold AC and power everything. Loved that car.

          stercus accidit


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            hi all, going accross to holland from uk to visit an airman lost in ww11, my partners uncle! the dutch folks have named a street after him. I have serviced the old dodge polara, should be a good trip, I will be able to drive on the rihgt side of the road!.


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              Originally posted by Furios66 View Post
              Nice cars. This is my 66, 440, Auto

              Wow, that '66 looks just like the one my brother used to own from 1976 to 1998. Except his had a 318 V-8 engine. Do you have any more photos of yours you could post here? (Engine, dash, etc.)

              I always did like those '66 Furys, even though I owned a '66 Dart GT from 1979 to 2002.


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                Originally posted by larry383 View Post
                looks great. wish mine looked this good.


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                  My survivor (stickers and marks still there) 65 Sport Fury.
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                    Wow, that photo of the 318 engine sure is familiar for me. One of the first things my brother did with his was flipping over the air cleaner (he eventually installed an unsilenced air cleaner. Other mods, too, like dual exhaust, electronic ignition, aluminum intake manifold w/4 bbl carb and a shift kit.


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                      Two C-body wagons I've owned:

                      1967 Dodge Polara 9-pass wagon. 383 2-bbl, auto, air, heater, clock, AM radio, carpet, electric tailgate window. Bought in 1997 with 83K on it. Sold in 2002 to a family in Ohio. What a friggin runner this was! I regretted selling it, believe me!

                      Next is a 1963 Dodge Custom 880 six passenger wagon, with a 361 2-bbl, auto, AM, air, heater, clock, roof rack, and three-bar spinner wheel covers. Paid a hundred bucks for it. It had been parked under a huckleberry bush for several years. It was nearly black from the berry bush crap on it! I flat-towed it 60 miles home, put a battery and gas to it, and it fired right up. I drove it for a while, and my friend Skip HAD to have the car, so I sold it to him. He put a LOT of miles on it before he sold it. The pic shows what it looked like right after he bought it from me:

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                        Nice to see classic Mopars/Mopar wagons being preserved.


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                          Here's my 65 Polara I pulled home Friday

                          I got her home friday morning, here's some pictures;

                          Me pulling her home.

                          and another

                          At Home


                          Dash (like you didn't know that )

                          Well that's the good news, I will try to post up pictures of the bad news soon but suffice it to say that if there is anyone in the DC area that knows how to weld in floor pans I could sure use some help...


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                            This is my 1970 Dodge Monaco

                            440cid, auto, buckets & floor shift and air.


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                              Nice car- great pic, too.
                              Exceded mechanical limits- mileage exempt.


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                                I bought a 1966 Plymouth Fury VIP about one month ago. 383-4 bbl, 89,000 miles, yellow w/black interior.

                                Fun to drive, plenty of power (and torque), big, plush and soft seats.

                                This should be a car worth keeping since you don't see too many driving around.

                                Here are some photos:

                                It can also be seen on youtube:
                                YouTube - 1966 Plymouth Fury VIP