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HELP 66 300 Convertible fender tag decode

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  • HELP 66 300 Convertible fender tag decode

    Just picked up a 66 300 covertible and would like to decode the fender tag I found out from the original Certicard that it is a 383 and so on but would like all the rest of the story.

    Here is how it goes: Top row of letters b f8o p u
    4 667 6 1

    Second row: ABC K YZ
    Either an 6 or 8 under the A then 25under the BC 8 18

    Last row: SO Number Body TRM Paint
    30713116 CM27 M4R AA1

    Can anybody help me out with the decode especially the F80 the YZ Body TRM
    Cheers Don

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    Here is how it goes: Top row of letters b f8o p u
    4 667 6 1
    I have no idea what that means. b f8o? is there supposed to be an 8 there?
    The 1 under the Y should be for black convertible top
    The 8 under the z should be buffed paint.

    62 is 383-2bbl
    5 is automatic trans

    I think that trim is Medium trim, Bench, Vinyl red.,,, but that contradicts with the top line b4 which is buckets...ooops take that back, M4R the 4 can be buckets....

    Got a picture of the fender tag? It's so much easier with a picture.

    Edit some more, The f in the decode book says it's for police accessories, the 1 under the u is for a Pillar Mounted Spotlight, if I am doing this right ..
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      This might help some....


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        Thanks guys
        I will try and take some shot's of the fender tag tomorrow in the daylight when I get home from work.
        Cheers Don


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          Yea I can do the vin with my book. and fender tag too if that sight does not do it!
          says 2500 built


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            Hey Dodgeboy8 thanks I just might get a hold of you I am going to get some shot's of the car and fender tag today if the weather co-operates with me.
            Cheers Don


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              Hope these turned out okay.

              Thanks for the help guys.
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