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    Helping a friend restore a 1970 300 2 door and the only glass we have is the quarter glass. What other C body glass will work in this? I'm thinking the windshield and back glass might be restricted to the Chrysler line but was hoping the door glass might be the same as the Dodge or Plymouth.

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    Hi Soupguy! Hey, call a salvage yard, they have Hollander's books that tell what fits what and what will swap out. Or, maybe stop by a body shop. They may not have one that old. Also, join a club like C body drydock. Lots of those guys on there who know the C's.

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      I'm pretty sure any fusalge bodied hardtop C body will work. Newport, Fury, New Yorker, Polara, 69 to (I think) 72. I used to be on the C body Dry Dock a lot when I had my 69 300, those guys will know. Parts for those cars are about as hard to find as they are for late Bs.
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        Before I posted the question I put a call into Desert Valley yesterday to see what they had. The guy on the phone was asking me what else might fit. I have to call their other yard today I'll ask if the can check the Hollander book, so thanks Magnumguy for that tip. We were at the garage last night and came across some C body side glass, my friend couldn't remember where he got it or what C Body it came from. Unfortunately there was a difference the cut of the glass between the quarter glass and the door had less of an angle to it. When you laid the 2 quarter lasses on top of each other the bottom lined up perfectly but the top had a difference of about an inch and a half. I belong to C-body Dry dock and actually have a lead on some glass from a member there but it's up in Long Island and I want to see what my options on before making a 14 hour round trip