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I've been casually looking for a 1979, 1980 or 1981 Chrysler New Yorker

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    Heck, I did a red 67 Dart years ago that left me hurting....not to mention the red didn't stay very shiny for long. Once red is's dead.


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      I did one of these. Green is the other end of red. The paint was chalked beyond belief and the wood grain was bone white when I started ( FYI. Use a product called black chrome to bring that and other decals back). NEVER AGAIN will I attempt that. I went from F-body and A-body to THAT. Took me the entire weekend of JUST compound, cutting, buffing, polishing, etc. Nothing else. I must have had easy 20-25 hours into it.

      I'd re-spray in a heartbeat knowing now what I didn't then. Not on a C-body. Nope. As far as I'm concerned, "it's repainted white"... buddy, you just you and me both a favor".


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        Reds, silvers (grey) and greens don't last long here. We get a lot of the sun like Texas does, especially in the southern part of KS. (I can be in Oklahoma in about 35 minutes.) I wouldn't expect Iowa to get quite as severe sun, but I guess the sun and 40 years....

        I used to work at a detail shop in about 1981. The boss had the contract from the local car dealers to detail all the used cars. There was a '77 Pontiac that came in (Silver over Black) that the silver was dead. We cleaned it thoroughly and I (as a senior detailer) had the job of putting a coat of 30 weight motor oil over the paint. We did this twice a day for a week and then rewashed and waxed and polished the silver. It looked great for about 6 months when the new owner brought it to us to detail. LOL

        We did a similar trick with reds, however greens never responded the same way.

        And I'll bet you did have close to 25 hours in the car Non.
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