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Nice Newport on Ebay

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  • Nice Newport on Ebay

    I saw this very nice 79 Newport on Ebay.

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    Looks like a nice clean car.


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      Clean machine.

      bringin' em back ~ to the Dodge Mahal !!....

      Where old Magnums can find a home.. :angel:


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        Originally posted by Nathan300
        I saw this very nice 79 Newport on Ebay.

        Thanks, Nathan!

        That looks like a very nice car.....too bad it was not factory ordered with all the police goodies, but somebody has done their homework, and upgraded it close to where it should be!

        That car is not too far from me, and I would love to see it in thing scares me to death.............

        I have owned and daily driven several R-body police cars, complete with E58 360......and the fuel mileage scares the crap out of me for local driving. At today's prices of $4.50/gal. for premium gas, I could not even afford to drive it to work, let alone take it for a joy ride! :yeah that:

        I am badly in need of another driver automobile.......but I don't think I can afford to buy this.......even though the price is decent!


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          I'd sell my 80 Newport for a good price but it is nowhere near that nice but runs and drives good considering it has over 140k miles on it. It would make a good cop car clone, but the 318 isn't as thirsty as the 360.