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Broke the pinion bearing

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  • Broke the pinion bearing

    I bought a beat up 74 Newport with 53K miles a few months ago for a daily driver. I changed out the leaky carb and tuned it up and it ran nice. Was on my way home and the rear end started howling when I let off the gas. I jacked it up and the bearing is toast. How hard is it to tear apart one of these 9 1/4 rear ends? What do I need?

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    If it's the front bearing, and if you can pull the bearing off the shaft, then it's not that hard but if it's the rear pinion bearing, it all has to come apart. If that's the case, you start by taking the rear cover off and.........


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      Haven't had much time to mess with it. I pulled the drive shaft and was trying to see what size socket fit on the pinion nut and the nut wasn't even hand tight. The outer bearing didn't look too bad. It has some pitting on the rollers maybe from sitting outside so long?

      If I bought a new crush sleeve and torqued the nut down would it work ok for a while?

      I really don't want to rebuild the whole rear end the body is so rotted on this thing.


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        The crush sleeve in a 9 1/4 is more like a spacer and takes a ton of torque to make it compress. If you are just wanting to patch it back together and if the bearing and outter race doesn't look all that bad, you might try and tighten it back up and see if it still rotates ok. If it locks up, then you might try to snug it up enough to get it some preload but still allow it to turn without much resistance. If it'll do that, then pull the nut back off and make sure the threads are clean and dry and then using a liberal dose of red Loc-tite, put it back on using the same tightness as before. Let the Loc-tite set up according to the distructions before driving it.


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          Well first I found out it's only an 8 1/4 rear end after my new parts were to big. I installed a new bearing and seal and almost a gallon of gear lube. I took it out for a spin and it apears to be ok for now. I was kinda surprised to find a 2.74 gear in a car with a 400 4bbl and a tow package.


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            I'm not surprised to see a highway gear in a 74 land it a 2.74 or a 2.94? They did that kind of stuff even in the cars without a tow package. I'm not real familiar with the 8 1/4 rears but seems like the ratios were in line with other rears. My 66 Belvedere came with a 2.94 in the dinky 7 1/4? rear and that same ratio was in my first 66 Belvedere that had the 8 3/4 with a poly 318.