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1979 Chrysler 300 registry

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  • 1979 Chrysler 300 registry

    I am compiling list of VINs for 1979 Chrysler 300s. I know there are some registries out there already but most don't seem to be updated or edited much in years. I pulled about 50 VINs off of one that was last edited in 2004 and will build off of that! Even if you know of one in a junk yard or sold yours and know where it is, let me know! I currently have 98 confirmed VINs with 21 of the 300s confirmed to be in salvage yards or crushed.

    If everyone can send me the following information I will add you to my list! You can PM me or post it in this thread.
    1. VIN
    2. Name (optional)
    3. City & State
    4. Date of Manufacture
    5. Options, T-Tops, Moon roof etc.