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  • AMC on MoparWiki

    The AMC page on MoparWiki has been started, but could use a lot of help from AMC Fans. There are many sources to pull this information from, be sure to reference any that you use.

    The whole idea behind the MoparWiki is to ultimately become the one-stop shop for any information on any Mopar Topic. It works with Collaboration, which means many people take just a minute or two to improve the page. No one is being asked to do the entire topic -- just contribute a little of their time and knowledge to improve it. Take a moment to hit the Random page link Random page to get an idea on where we're at on the project.

    For those who are intimidated -- you don't need to be. It is not only very easy to learn how to improve a Wiki -- but you wind up learning something new. Wow -- what a concept.
    • The best place to get started is to review some of the more complete pages to get an idea of the style we're trying to consistently follow. Random page
    • The next step is to play with your personal User page on the Wiki. Every MoparStyle member has their own user page. When logged into MoparStyle, if you click the MoparWiki link in the NavBar, you will be taken to the MoparWiki. The first link in that NavBar is your user name. Click it and you are at your personal page. An Example of a more completed User Page would be mine at User:BK - MoparWiki . Soon we'll have a contest on the best page -- with a prize (as soon as I can find a sponsor), so you might want to get a head start.
    • The top Widget in the left sidebar of the MoparWiki contains links. The bottom link is the Help link (Help:Contents - MoparWiki). This help is the best laid out, easiest to understand, and most useful help I've ever seen for anything.

    So the next time you have a few minutes, or you are bored, take a minute to play with your personal user page, and once you are comfortable with editing pages -- jump in and collaborate with the Mopar Topics. We become stronger the more members actually participate with helping the Mopar Community -- and the MoparWiki helps the Mopar Community by having people learn more about the Mopar hobby.
    Visitors are encouraged to be Members, by registering.
    Members are encouraged to be Participants, by posting.
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