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Time to inaugurate the Hudson posts!

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  • Time to inaugurate the Hudson posts!

    Here is my '37 Terraplane model 71 Brougham. Enjoy!

    1966 Coronet 500, 1968 D100(x2), 1978 NYB Salon, 1979 Dodge B200 Street Van, 2006 PT Limited ragtop

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    Beautiful car.


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      Sweet car!!!
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        Yeah, that's a killer ride. More pics. More info. More more more!
        Exceded mechanical limits- mileage exempt.


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            Very nice!

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              Thanks for the comments! More pics:

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              1966 Coronet 500, 1968 D100(x2), 1978 NYB Salon, 1979 Dodge B200 Street Van, 2006 PT Limited ragtop


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                Interior is nice too.


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                  Nice ride!! Back in 87 I bought my dad a 53 Hudson Wasp for fathers day. I looked 10 years for a Pacemaker ( he had a 50) or a Hornet. Back then of course it was much harder than today, to find anything, and pretty much everything I found was a rusted out hulk. I was only 27 and I paid 1500 bucks for it. It was a very solid car body wise,probably 2 sq ft of rust tops. I drove it home on the back up mechanical brakes( remember those a Hudson exclusive). He was amazed at my find. We worked about 5 years rebuilding or redoing everything that was needed( which was everything pretty much). He took 2nd place in the first show he entered. He pretty much like me now, really wasn't into showing the car. Unfortunately he didn't drive it much either, afraid of damage etc.. He sold it in 97 for about 8 grand, said he hated to just see it sit. I loved that 49-54 body style of those old Hudsons( most people who saw it didn't know what it was) of course chopped Merc had been asked a few times. Sorry for the ramblin but I was just recalling some GREAT memories of being with my BEST FRIEND, THANKS DAD you're always here!!