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  • cool pic FROM THE PAST

    1968 dodge charger resto mod

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    The good ol' days. A cliche for sure, none the less true.
    Paul, aka 'zij576ca'
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      I used to have the photo on the left up in my cube.
      Since they're in B&W, one of them just might have been mind.


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          I can't afford a Superbird or Daytona........but.....

          I sure would like to buy a couple of those 19" Briggs and Stratton 3 hp. lawn mowers for $36.50......back when 3 hp. engines were actually 3 hp.!!

          The ones I buy today are 10 times the money......and twice the hp. rating, BUT do half of the work!


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            Things were a lot simpler in those days. How did we manage without cell phones.


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              How did we manage without all the damn safety devices that's installed on a mower now a days?? Were there really that many dumbasses sticking their feet under them!? I know prices were through the roof when I bought a new Toro self propelled mower back in 88 but looks like you can get almost the same mower today for the same price.....I guess it's all the China made parts on it. Mine was still running good until this year. Never did anything to it but it needs the carb rebuilt finally.